WD external fell to floor

The Dog knocked the WD external harddrive off the desk, it powers up, but does not transmit information to the computer, what is the easiest way to get my files off this external hard drive?
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  1. In bin it goes...
  2. it doesn't mount? does it click when it powers up? check the disk management and see if windows sees it at all. either way, if you need the data, you might need to look into a data recovery service. physical failures are not so fun.

    no matter where i put my laptop my rottie finds a way to knock it over.
  3. Sounds like a job for velcro...
  4. Do NOT throw it in the "bin." First try converting it into an internal drive. An internal-to-external adapter for troubleshooting is highly recommended. Yesterday I dropped a WD Elements drive and the power light blinked but it was no longer recognized. I opened the case and disconnected the SATA-to-USB adapter, seated it into an Eagle Consus case and reconnected it to nominal SATA cables, and it worked fine. Upon closer inspection, the mini-USB port on the stock adapter had been torqued out of its solder in the fall and prevented it from spinning up.

    If after you remove the internal drive it is still unresponsive, then yeah, it's probably physical damage to the disk. But unopened, the actual hard drive itself is often hardier than you might expect.
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