Tall Ass RAM Heat Spreaders

Hey forum,

I am wanting to upgrade my HSF from a AC Freezer 7 Pro (Rev 1). I was going to use the CM Hyper 212 Plus, I am running on a AMD 955 system and it has performed well. The problem is RAM clearance, for the Q9550 System. I am using 8 GB of 800 mhz OCZ Blade RAM and the Heat Spreaders are HUGE.

I would like to use two fans for push/pull, but I am fairly sure that the front fan will cover my first DIMM slot.

Here is a shot of the case with the AC Freezer 7 Pro, (with a CM badge on it)

I was looking at the Tuniq Tower Extreme, but wasn't impressed with their mounting hardware, no pins or screws, and the other option was low pro 120mm fans.

Could I get some recommendations for good low pro 120 mm Fan, for use with the CM Hyper 212 Plus, or maybe other full tower coolers.

Thanx guys
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  1. My apologies forum, I just took some quick measurements. It will fit with two fans, different layout on different motherboard.

    The first one to reply and call me an IDIOT will get "best Answer"
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    I'm not 100% sure but I think the Noctua one (DH14??) would work. It can fit up to 3 fans, but worst case scenario you could put one in the middle and one on the rear so it's a pull/push/pull set up. I think it would work well. Otherwise the Tuniq is really good but I don't know about it's mounting.
  3. I was mistaken, if you read my reply to my own post, I was looking at the AMD board, which has a tighter layout, It will fit on my Intel board. Here's a shot of my AMD system, that's what caused me to jump to this conclusion.

    sorry to waste your time.
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