How to overclock intel core 2 duo t7500

Is there any software out there that I can use in my Asus G1 Notebook to overclock the Intel Core2 Duo T7500. I've always used Asus motherboards for my desktop gaming rigs because those boards are usually full of oc options and they're very reliable. However, this so call "gaming notebook" doesn't have any oc option in the bios. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. If you want to overclock you shouldn't have bought a notebook in the first place. They run pretty hot anyway so if you overclock it enough to notice a performance gain in games it'll probably overheat and die.

    The words "gaming" and "notebook" will never go together very well.
  2. Not a good idea.

    There. That's three votes for, "Don't do it."
  3. Yes as they said, don't OC laptop CPUs. Even if you could, the airflow in a laptop is so bad you'd probably burn out the CPU.
  4. ^^^ and everything else for that matter.
  5. I bought the notebook for the wife over a year ago, she hated it because it wouldn't fit in her purse:( Well I finally fried the 1st gen quad core and I don't have the cash to build a new system so I thought I'd give this a go. But boy is it slow. I can't even watch a blue ray movie on it without skipping a frames. Anyway, thank you all for your input. Now i know not to drop that kind of cash into a notebook!
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