Building a new computer and need help plz

Hello guys i started to build my new desktop computer and i need some advices from people who are willing to give some :>

Inter Core 2 extreme 9650
GeForce 280 GTX (1GB)
eVGA 790i ( mother board )

These are the most expensive parts on the computer are they good for some one who want to play high end quality resolution on all games. Any thing wrong with these 2 parts or is there any thing new insted of these 2.

I might install Vista 64 bit with 4G Ram is it good or not ?

What power supply should i get ?

Should i install a cooling system inside or not ?

Is there any thing missing ?

I would be thankful if i get some nice advice from some one who knows all these question :>
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    Ill get a mod for you so he can move it.
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  3. The three things you have listed should work together and will probably run most anything you want to play.

    If you're going to get 4GB of RAM i would recommend getting 64bit because otherwise you wont see all of it (especially with a 1GB vid card)

    PC Power & Cooling seems to be the most recommended brand for a PSU. a 600 something Watt should be more than enough for you. 750W would be good to consider if you want to SLI in the future.

    What do you mean by cooling system? If you're talking about an aftermarket heatsink, unless you're going to OC you wont need one.

    You dont mention any other parts so I'm going to assume you already have a hard drive, dvd burner etc.
  4. I'd recommend PC Power 7 Cooling 750W for a single card and Corsair 1000HX for two. Here' s nVidia 's list of recommended PSUs:

    Why the heck are you getting the Core 2 EXTREME 9650 (QX9650, $1030) and not the Core 2 9650 (Q9650, $345).
    The Extreme makes a difference only if you're looking for a very high overclock. You don' t sound at all like one of those guys.
  5. You might also want to switch from 790i/DDR3 to 780i/DDR2. It would save you a lot of money without any noticeable performance loss.
  6. Get a plain Q9650 instead of the QX9650. You can push a Q9650 almost as far and it's like what? $500 cheaper.

    And I'd get a P45 board from Gigabyte or Asus instead of the nVidia 790i. There's a reason why nVidia is getting out of the chipset business.
  7. It's almost $700 cheaper :)

    I think he wants the 790i so he can add a second video card later. That's the only reason I can think of, anyway.

    @OP: if you want one video card for now, and plan to add a second one later, and decide to get a P45 board as jsc suggested, then I'd recommend the GA-EP45-UD3P. You need DDR2 for it. The video cards need to support Crossfire to work together on a P45. The Crossfire card that comes closest in speed to the GTX 280 is HD 4870 1GB.
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