Make OC but not increase the ram

First of all my specs:
i7.920 2.66
Corsair 3x2GB 1600 (OC)
Asus p6t deluxe v2
Ati 5770 Ddr5 1gb

I want to now if its posible to make oc to the cpu without increasing the RAM frecuency cuz` i already set them to 1600 but when i start to up the bus it also ups the ram and if a try to set the ram to 1333 and then start to up to get 1600 again the bus has to be over 150 and that semms way to much for this is there someting i can do?? Thanks

Other cuestions is safe to make little OC or it stills being risks?, and abaut the ram its suposued to work at 1.65V but in the bios it pases from 1.64 to 1.66 so i set in 1.66 but a warning appears and im a bit scare (the other thing is at 1.3500V before say that thing of a diferenco of 0.5), I apologize if my english isnt clear but im from uruguay XD
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  1. Since you have a locked multiplier CPU there is no way you can up your CPU clock without altering your RAM timing. Most testing shows a much more significant dependence on CPU in most real world applications however so i wouldn't really be worried about downclocking your RAM. Depending on your RAM you may even be able to run it higher than 1600, perhaps with reduced timings.

    With regards to the Bus 150 isn't usually considered a huge overclock for the i5/i7 chips, plenty of people take them up to 3.6 Ghz (BLCK 180) without altering the voltage.

    Overclocking always has risks. They are certainly alot less when you aren't changing voltages.
  2. Ok thanks a lot i forgot to put the model of the rams they are XMS3, the thing is that i only wanted to make the rams work as they where designed (1600) at the moment i don`t think i need to force de cpu so for now im good, besides i had a real bad experience whit OC when Burn a Pentium 3 long time ago in my learning experiments, so I have no idea if the new technologies have protections against burning or else that is my bigest fear to burn my new cpu like I did before, I took the FSB to 144 (ram close to 1800) and started widnows but the blue screen apeard instantly so i go back to the original 133 and left the memory in 1600 and for now its fine...

    oh and abaut the refrigeration i have a thermalteke v9 black edition and the mic with an Artic Cooler freezer 7 pro
  3. Looks like you will probably have to lower your RAM multiplier or loosen the timings
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