Memory upgrade for old Dell Dimension 8300


Friend of my ask me to upgrade his old Dell Dimension 8300 (detailed specs here).
Right now he has 512MB and Windows XP Home 32bit. I'm debating on if I should get him 2x1GB stick or 4x1GB.
Will he see any huge difference between 2GB and 4GB?
Because in 32bit only 3GBs will be visible/usable.

Any help is appreciated!
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  1. From personal experience, I'd advise 2x1GB. It won't push the mobo beyond where its been electrically as 4 sticks might. And because the extra 2GB will only yield 1.25GB recognizable at the most (32-bit = 4GB max - overhead mapping - vid card mapping), and he likely won't notice that extra bit anyhow.
  2. Thanks for the reply!

    I'll get 2x1GB. I think that should enough.
    Does anyone knows if this is
    non-ECC memory? Dell manual says to use non-ECC memory with this board.
    Still waiting for reply from newegg.
  3. I have the exact same pc at work and use two sets of these for a total of 4gb.

    Been using this ram for a year with 0 issues. Hope this helps.

    Btw: I do notice a difference from 2gb to 4gb. But you will only see 3.25gb when using a 32 bit OS.
  4. Hi,

    I have the same computer, (Dell 8300), Patriot Memory, is out of stock from Newegg. ( [...] 6820220095) I don't think they will get any more product.

    Can you recommend another Newegg memory product? I would like to put 2 x 1GB of memory, into my computer. I have 1 ghz of memory now.

    Thank you..........Marv
  5. Thank you, very much!..............Marv
  6. No problem....make sure you are grounded when you install the ram....... or else... you might end-up buying a new mobo....
  7. OvrClkr,

    I was able to get these parts. ( [...] 6820220095) The parts you used. It was out of stock, and I put my name on the Newegg acknowledgment list, for when they get the parts in. The parts came in yesterday to Newegg. I ordered it today.

    I will follow your advice about grounding.

    Thank you.........Marv
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