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Ive got a Phenom II X6 1090t an i would like sum advice on overclocking. For sum reason my multiplier doesnt seem to make a difference on my core clocks no matter how high i put it could i have sum advice plzz.
Cpu AMd Phenom 1090T
Mobo: Asus M3n HT
GFX: Asus 465gtx
Ram: 3Gb value ram
Psu: Cooler Master eXtreme 650w
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  1. Do you mean it stays at 800 MHz? Because that's due to C 'n' Q.
  2. Agreed... cool and quiet will keep your processor at 800mhz until you need the power. You can disable it in bios

    Why do you have 3gb value ram in an AMD dual channel board. you should be using your ram in pairs. IE 2x2gb or 4x2gb or 2x4gb anything like that

    anywy, if you have a good heatsink and good air flow in your case, 4ghz is commonly reached. I believe the most common method is just upping your multiplyer to 20 (20x200mhz is 4.0ghz) you will need an increase in voltage, so be sure to check some sites for voltage advice
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