Need help oc'ing my i7 860

Hello everyone. I have started to try to overclock my i7 860 on a gigabyte p55-usb3.

The normal clock speed is 2.8ghz, and so far I have been able to get it to boot at 3.36ghz with the voltage set on auto. The voltage is up to 1.2 at this point.

It seems as though whenever I take the voltage off of auto I can't get the pc to boot. I have read guides that say you can reach 3.3 on stock voltage, but it doesn't seem that way for me, unless I am missing something.

I have of course turned turbo boost of, and EIST as well as C1E.

I want to keep the voltage as low as possible because of heat. I am using a thermaltake Silent 1156 air cooler, but on stock speeds it still gets up to 42degrees idle on core0.

Under full load on stock its around 65, which isn't too bad in my eyes, but I don't want to break 80.

So any suggestions from anyone? I feel like I may be missing a step somewhere. This is my first overclock, so please keep it as simple as possible!

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  1. You should turn the fan speed up with Easytune 6, (it helps with overclocking). I have an i7 860 like you and I have a stable of 3.8GHz at 1.30 V. Just put the voltage up to about 1.3 or 1.35 then use the BCLK to change your clock to 3.8 or whatever you want, and then test it and if it goes good, move the volatge down a notch. Keep doing this until you get a crash, then move the voltage up again just for safety.

    You can use this for help.
  2. Don't use Easy Tune do all of your tweaking manually in bios.
    Also your're very close to the 860's temp threshold which is 72C.
    Not a huge deal since it will shut itself down once that is reached.
    Good guide with lots of suggestions
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