MCE and UPNP Ports getting attakced from the internet?


The other day I discovered that my router log was showing remote network connections from the internet to my XP MCE machine. I found the port they were connecting to was a UPNP port. Does MCE show as a UPNP device to share media? Two of my other computers (Windows 7) were showing up as UPNP devices also. What would make a PC show as a UPNP device?

I found my router - Netgear 3500L - had UPNP enable. I have now Disabled it.

Why were people connecting to the UPNP port and what would have been doing? Do you think my whole network was hacked and compromised?

I have ran norton, malware bytes, and spybot on all the machines and now the machines are clean. I reformatted one machine. My wife does not want to wipe the MCE machine. Do you think it is safe?


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  1. I first wanted to ask, what is MCE that you keep referring to?
  2. Media Center Edition
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