New to the SATA world lol

Hey guys. I installed an OCZ vertex ssd 60gb last night and I'm trying to install an oem samsung spintpoint f3 1tb hdd. However, I also have in my rig a 500gb IDE seagate barracuda. In windows 7, i can't see the new samsung under my computer. It is recognized in my bios, and under disk management, as well as device manager, however, in disk management it's not seen in the upper part where there are drive letters. On the bottom part it's seen, and I have 900+gb unallocated space, but when I right click it, i have some options to make new spanned/striped volumes, dynamic/gpt disk and nothing to make it a basic drive or initialize it. I just want to use both my ide seagate and the new samsung as storage. I just can't seem to access it however. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    You need to format these HDDs before usage - go to Control Panel ---> Administrative Tools ---> Computer Management ---> Storage ---> Disk Management

    The pick each of the drives in question and do a format (NTFS)
  2. For now I just disconnected the IDE drive. I figured the 1tb drive was more than enough room for any data storage I'd need, and I'll just keep the IDE drive as a spare with windows loaded on it for emergencies I guess. Plus it'll reduce cable clutter in my case anyways. Thanks for the repply tho.
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