My laptop will not let me access any admin tools

my laptop will not let me access any admin tools , it does not see any devices in the device manager and dont see help in my start menu...and during startup right after the black win logo screen another blue screen with the win logo comes up and says "executing C:/windows/system32/wlnotify.dll" ive never seen it before......other than that windows seems to be running fine. ive ran malware bytes and spybot. i do not own an xp disk so reinstalling windows is not an option .please can any one give me ANY advice or suggestions......
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  1. are you logged in as administrator? if not I suggest you create an admin level account by booting to safe mode.

    And, I'd recommend you go purchase windows XP disk, not having one cripples your recovery options severely. By the way, your best bet is to contact the company you bought the laptop from and ask them how can you get the recovery CD for your laptop. It should be cheaper than paying $100 for winxp cd.
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