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so after reading that, i got to thinking, how credible is the article? Tom's did say it is too small a sample and in only a small area, but if you read the comments, the first page is full of people complaining about seagate.

and i was planning on getting a seagate HDD for my new build, and i have an external seagate HDD, which has worked fine for me

so my questions are

1. what are your experiences with seagate, WD, Samsung etc.?

2. does the test also apply to external HDDs or just internal ones?

3. do the same problems occur for external seagate HDDs?
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  1. You're not going to get anything from the members on this forum other than anecdotal evidence, which really isn't a sound basis for judging reliability, IMHO.

    In the absence of any hard data, the best you have to go is manufacturer's warranties. While they may not directly correlate to reliability, they at least tell you what period of time you have in which you can get the drive replaced if it fails.

    Personally, unless I hear of something concrete I just assume that all drives are roughly equally reliable, therefore I choose base on price, performance and features. And then I be sure to do good backups based on the fact that any drive from any manufacturer can fail at any time.
  2. Avoid Seagate's 7200.11 series. The .12s seem fine so far, but as sminlal said, any drive can fail, so back up accordingly (and that goes whether you get a seagate, WD, samsung, or anything else).
  3. I go with others here, while there have been a few certain drives manufactured over the years that did have issues, today they seem to be pretty equal quality and dependability. I agree that you should just buy the drive that fits your needs and budget at the time, and the brand is mostly personal preference.
  4. ok, so most brands are going to be the same in reliability

    so how is this?

  5. Upendra09 said:
    ok, so most brands are going to be the same in reliability

    so how is this?


    Too small @ 320 GB the 1TB are selling for about $64 so its approx a third more money wise for 3 times the size/ capacity or thats my take on it
  6. ^^The price to GB thing is mentioned well by enderdean. I would also say find one with a 32MB cache. It really speeds up READ/WRITE!
  7. i understand the logic behind it but i won't need 1 TB of hard disk space, i just don't install many things or upload many pictures/videos

    how is this?

  8. That is good! I would say get it. WD is the best brand making HDD's at the moment.
  9. At the moment, Western Digital is the best and Seagate is one of the worst.

    A lot of terrible HDDs from Seagate 7200.11 and quite a few for 7200.12. Yes, 7200.12 has improved but you can still see many of its owners having clicking issue with it on the internet.
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