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I have a 386 computer with 2 GB memory that does not support Windows 7 upgrade,it has Windows 2000 professional installed , I want to upgrade to Windows XP professional ,because I have files in it that I most keep , what is the chapoest way to do it ? thanks

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  1. Hello and welcome top TYom's Hardware Forums.

    As much as I like XP, the reality is it will be out of support in three years time so the jump to Windows 7 is better made in one financial cost than one now and another later. All the files you have stored in your 386 (a 386 with 2Gb???) can be transferred into Windows 7 and the only real problem will be if you're using Outlook Express.

    Have you looked at the cost of a legitimate copy of XP Professional Upgrade? I reckon on £80 in the UK - will sell you a Windows 7 version of a little more than that - albeit only the Home version.

    If price is a problem, consider using a Linux Operating System at no cost at all. It will run as a LiveCD in your box and install in Partitions on your hard disk or on another if you install a slave. You can then access all the files from the 2000 system and transfer them over. Have a look at PCLinuxOS at and see what you think.

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