Oc'ing an e7500 with this cooler...


I'm considering overclocking my CPU to alleviate a CPU bottleneck in intense moments in my games, but I'm wondering whether my CPU HSF is up to scratch with cooling my CPU OC.

It is a CoolerMaster CI5-9IDSP-PL-GP.


Mine is pretty much that model, with only cosmetic differences (colour, metal grille over it),,,

With my CPU at stock clocks, it's quite cool: Idle (after temps stabilise)28-30C [Core 0 Temp] and Load 50C [Core 0 Temp] according to Realtemp.

I've recently cleaned out the HSF of dust (my rig is elevated off the floor in a lightly carpeted room), and so far the load temps have hit a wall at 50C.

Just for reference, the airflow in my case isn't all that great, but it's quite reasonable. (1x80mm intake, 1x80mm exhaust, ventilation slots along the side panels).

Would this cooler I have currently allow me to reach my desired CPU OC of about 3.2-3.6 ghz at an acceptable temp?
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  1. Why do you think you have a CPU bottleneck? Unless your playing some serious RTS's or something I doubt there would be much of a bottleneck with a GTS 250.

    If you really want to OC then get a better cooler, I'd suggest the CM Hyper 212+ if your going for one. You are not going to get far if you are already on 50 C temperatures. What did you load it with? Prime 95? I reckon maybe to 3.2 or a bit higher while staying under 65C.

    Also you could take your side panel off and check your temps to see how bad your airflow is.

    Hope that helps.
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