AMI BIOS Smart Fan Speed Control

Hello! This is my first post on Tom's Hardware, but I expect myself to contribute to the site by both asking questions and answering them as well. So here goes my first question:

I am wondering what the following words mean and what they do in an American Megatrends BIOS under the PC Health status, then under the Smart Fan Function.

- SMART Fan Control

- SMART Fan PWN value

- SMART Fan start TEMP. (°C)

- DeltaT1

-SMART Fan Slope PWM value

If anyone knows any of this, I will be very happy to say the least! THANK YOU
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  1. You can enable the smart fan control. I adjust all the rest of the settings to the lowest possible number, then slowly increase them one by one until you can hear the cpu fan. I set the start temp at around 40 celcius. I have a total of 4 fans in my case counting the 2 on the power supply, and I can barely hear any noise. I use a zalman fan mate rpm adjuster for the rear case fan. The cpu fan will respond to the above settings if it is a 4 pin design. 3 pin designs won't slow down and require the rpm adjuster.
  2. i see. i normally do the same things. Do you know what those words mean?
  3. My BIOS is AMI R01-A3, April 2009.

    Sounds like I have a similar setup, but the only thing I can change is the SMART enable/disable. My CPU fan only turns at 1225 RPM. I want to speed it up. Here are my values:

    *SMART control: Enabled (that's the only one that's not grayed out)
    *SMART fan start PWM value: 28
    *SMART fan start Offset (-): 30. (I know that's the adjustment from the temp sensor under the CPU, because the CPU has no internal sensor. So the offset is just a good guess at what the real temp is.)
    *CPU Delta T: Plus 3 (I know what delta n is mathematically, but don't know what it refers to here)
    *Fan1 slope PWM va1/1 unit: 5 (???got me by the ass. I'm sure PWM is pulse width modulation, which I've worked with in machinery)

    Again, these are all grayed out. I can change nothing but the SMART on and off.

    My BIOS is AMI R01-A3, April 2009.

    I just stumbled onto this thread while searching, anybody still hanging out around here? Hope so, I could use some ideas.

  4. thank you for the help!
  5. That wasn't much info for you, but glad it helped though. Any idea about what to do to help my predicament?

    I guess I should start a thread of my own to get more views.
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