Windows 7 Upgrade and pre-existing OS licensed

I have a windows 7 DVD provided by my school that says "64-bit x64 upgrade: Pre-existing OS license Required"

I have one desktop computer with Vista
and one laptop also with vista (both with legit keys & activation)

Question is: can the upgrade DVD be used on the two machine ?
Will it require the old vista key, the new win7 one, or both ?
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  1. You can only use the disk to upgrade one computer. You'll need the new Windows 7 key. But if the existing systems are 32-bit then you'll only be able to do a fresh install, not an upgrade.
  2. To do a clean install using the upgrade disk, go to Microsoft for insructions:
    As said you can only upgrade one computer with a single key.
  3. Got a similar situation. I think its the exact same disk. Windows Key on the back of the package.

    Can I do a pure fresh install with a clean HD? Basically an install on a fresh build.
  4. Nevermind. Got the answer.
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