955 be temperatures

hi folks i have just built my first build a few days ago but now seem to be having a few probs,
amd 955 be 3.2
asus m4a88td-v evo mobo
stock cooler
4gb corsair
everything was ok till i installed amd overdrive and tweeked to first level = 3.4, temps started to rise and got shut down so i reverted back to default = 3.2,thing is i have pc probe showing temps and voltages and fan speed,and when on load temp rises quite quickly to around 40-45-48 etc and fan speed goes mental.i havent touched the voltage settings but get the feeling something is not right somewhere!
pc probe shows as now;mb temp=35c
cpu temp=34c
fan speed 4383 rpm
not sure what these volt figures are but when playing a game for instance ,crashes due to temp goin up
please help cause i am out of my depth here and think i may have done some damage,
ps,i didnt change anything in the bios,that scares me,lol.
thanks in advance,michael.
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  1. That doesn't sound like temps, that sounds like power supply issues. If you up the CPU speed and leave voltages on auto, the motherboard will usually add more voltage than necessary. For example, if I leave auto voltage enabled and bump my 965 to 3.6, the Mobo will run 1.44v to the CPU. With manual voltage settings, I can have it stable at 1.325v.

    My point is, perhaps your PSu isn't strong enough for your system, and the crashes are because of that. The temps you are reporting are normal, and decent, but if you are on the ragged edge of your PSUs capabilities, upping to 3.4ghz may be the straw that breaks the camels back faster.

    Power Supplies heat up with use. As they get warmer, they lose efficiency. This doesn't mean the PSU is overheating at all, it may mean that when you first turn on your PSU, it can supply what your system needs. When it warms up, which it will especially if you are maxing out its capabilities, it may lose its ability to match the needs of your computer.
  2. thanks for the reply,as i said it was my first build and was on a budget,so the psu is an artic 500,so maybe i should have gone larger,but i expected to hit a few snags here an there as we live and learn :-) at least i know the figures are normal thanks for putting my mind to rest,will upgrade psu then try the black art again,thanks again,michael.
  3. Well, at the least try exchanging it first before spending more money on it. Unless you are running several high power cards, 500w should be sufficient, assuming you meant Antec instead of artic for the PSU brand. I haven't heard of artic, heh.

    Edit: I did a quick google search, and found a brand called Arctic, again, not sure if that is what you meant:

  4. thanks bud but have a new problem :-( after getting a 3d mark score of 20000 i had been playing arma2 and had installed quite a few mods for it when it started to get low fps,i uninstalled the game and deleted the mods and re-installed the game,now the pc seems a lot slower and when i try to play the game i get message "cant display video mode" also pc seems a lot slower than it should.i done tests eg;cpuid,action centre,drivers,gpu settings and all seems normal,but now i only get a 3d mark of 6000,also youtube videos people playing arma2 the graphics are really poor.my temps and graphics all seem fine as i had not changed anything but am at a loss to what could be wrong.help would be appreciated please,thanks ,michael.
  5. i have also tried a few other screen settings and resolution seems ok at 1600 x 1200 but even playing game demo graphics are not what they should be,windows experiance score is;cpu=7.3,ram=7.5;graphics=7.2;gaming graphics=7.2;hard disk=5.9;giving me a score of 5.9.thanks
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