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hi guys im not up on the lingoi u guys use so bare with me. im looking to build a new pc here is what i am going to use can anyone let me know what they think good bad ok???
AMD HDX920XCGIBOX Phenom Ii X4 920 Black Edition Quad-core Processor - 2.80 Ghz,8mb L2 Cache,socket Am2+,125w,45 Nm

Gigabyte GA-MA790X-DS4 - Motherboard - ATX - AMD 790X - Socket AM2+ - UDMA133, Serial ATA-300 (RAID) - 2 x Gigabit Ethernet - FireWire - High Definition Audio (8-channel)


i have 8GB DDR2 800mhz

1 TB western digital SATA hard drive
i also have vista 32bit

and i was going for the antec skeleton case

does that sound ok????
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  1. I wasn't aware that the 920 came in a Black Edition, did you mean the 940?

    You can only use 3.5 GB of ram on Vista 32bit :( sorry. Either sell your extra ram or sell your vista copy if you haven't used the COA and buy a 64bit version.

    Get the Caviar Black 1tb WD drive.

    I wouldn't get the 9800, look at the Radeon HD 4850 or 4830.

    Also, many boards require a bios flash to support the Phenom II processors, so unless you have another AMD cpu to put in there to flash you bios before you put in that PII, make sure your board supports PII out of the box!

    Here is a review of that mobo on newegg that would scare me away:

    Pros: My freind has this board from a build 3 months ago becuase he heard that it was going to support phenom II. The board has 2 PCIe 2.0 @ x16 and goes well with his case and his 2 4870's no problems there. (SEE CONS)
    Cons: The day the Phenom II came out he went to go get it and installed it in. (I was helping him) So everything goes well and we flash the bios so the mobo would recognize the new CPU. I bring my Computer to play COD World at War and 4 hours into the game and a kushhhhhhhhhh sound came out of his case we heard tssssssssssss.... and smelled smoke we saw inside and his north bridge cooler was on fire like the heat sink was literally on fire we didnt want to throw water so we unplugged it until it died down. The wierd thing was that even though the north bridge went on fire the game was still playing which shows how good Gigabytes motherboards and amd's CPU's are built. Long Story short: IT CATCHES ON FIRE!
    Other Thoughts: My freind called gigabyte and i think they will rma it (Not Sure). But gigabyte should post something on this motherboard that would say: **WARNING** Could Catch on fire Play at your own risk. Even all that i love gigabyte my x58 mobo is from them they build good mobo's but this chipset just isn't good enough or overheats? So buy gigabyte but buy this mobo at your own risk =)
  2. nope im in scotland and my bubble is now burst!!! i was hoping i had the makings of a good system. i already have the cpu its def a X4 920 on the site it listed as black. i also have the grapghics card and ram. im still waiting on the mother board. but maybe now i will return it for a dif one on thegygabite site it said it takes the cpu. i guess in kinda stuck with it now
  3. You definitely need a 64-bit OS, or you might as well not even install half of that RAM. A 32-bit OS can't even fully use 4GB of RAM, so anything more than that is completely useless. If you bought a retail version of Windows, you should be able to upgrade to 64-bit for just the cost of shipping.
  4. ok so i just bought a 64 bit vista disk so thats that bit sorted. what i have running just now is a gigabyte board with an amd athlon 64 x2 5200+ cpu will i b able if i need to put that chip in the new board if it needs bios update?
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