I'm shopping for a MB for my Intel Pentium D 965 Extreme Edition 3.73 GHz CPU. Does the MSI P43 NEO3-F support this processor?
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    No. Here's a short list of motherboards that should support it (double-check the manufacturer's site):

    Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3L:


    For a complete list, visit
  2. Quote:
    Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3L: [...] -EP43-UD3L

    ASUS P5Q SE PLUS: [...] 6813131347

    I like both of these, but at this price, I was hoping for on-board video.

    For a complete list, visit [...] ION=Search

    Whoa - this one was like trying to drink from a fire hydrant!

    Can I get a decent motherboard for running Ubuntu 9.04 and XP Pro under
    VMware Workstation, for under $100 - less the price of a cheap video
    card if it isn't onboard?

    Ideally, the top edge of the CPU socket would be >= 60mm (2.25 in.) from
    the top edge of the board, allowing my Thermaltake V1 cooler to be
    mounted so it's 110mm fan blows front to back instead of up and down.

    I have gone through two EVGA e-7050/610i motherboards. The first lasted
    11 days, then suddenly died. EVGA RMA'd me another board. but besides
    having a flaky PATA drive channel (most of the time it couldn't see DVD
    drives, but could see CD drives and HD's!!) it died after just a few days.
    So I'm not in the market for any more EVGA MB's.
  3. You need to understand that your requirement for support of a D 965 seriously limits your options. The GIGABYTE GA-EP43-UD3L is a good motherboard, it only costs $80 and it will run VMware workstation as long as you install enough memory.

    If all you use it for is VMware, then you can buy a motherboard based on the G41, G43 or G45 chipset as they include on-board video. The cheapest one probably is Would I recommend it to run VMs? Definitely not.
  4. Thank you GhislainG, you have persuaded me to buy the GIGABYTE GA-EP43-UD3L. Can you recommend a video card?
  5. Is that system used for VMware only? If so, then just get an inexpensive video card like an ASUS EN8400GS or an ASUS EAH3450 are silent cards that are fine. They're no good for gaming, but you definitely were not gaming with your previous EVGA motherboard.
  6. Ok, I went with the ASUS EN8400GS. Thanks again, GhislainG!
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