Thermaltake frio temps BAD

After install the cooler, the temperatures on my cpu reached around 40-50 degrees on idle, is this normal?

I left the computer in open air, and the core i7 930 is not overclocked yet. I've read some reviews stateing the 920 reaches 25 degrees on idle.I used the thermaltake thermal paste, and used the business card method to spread it out on the cpu. I've tried the dot method as well but temps are similar

Any suggestions? thanks in advance
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  1. This all depends on your ambient temps. If your ambient temps are high (your room temperature) then your CPU may never reach 25c idle, no matter if its overclocked or not.

    You also might not be getting good contact with the heatsink and your CPU through no fault of your own, they may just require lapping for good contact. Very few heatsinks and CPUs have perfectly flat surfaces, if you got unlucky and have a bad match up that could your problem.
  2. Well, I've never installed an i7-920 (before the 930 came) with the stock cooler for a client, I usually go for the awesome Corsair H50 cooler (water in a sealed system that doesn't require upkeep). With a good cooler, you could get to 25 degrees @stock, however, if you run at stock with the stock cooler, has HyperThreading on, yes, it would probably reach around 40-50 degrees. With the H50 you have around 40 degrees celsius with HT on @ 3.8GHz.

    What is your voltage? And when you say "after install the cooler", does that mean that you installed a new cooler or the stock cooler? Anyway, the thermal paste takes at least two weaks before the so called "burn-in" period, and reaches full effect.
  3. voltage running at 1.168

    abient temps seem normal, I have 4 140mm fans running max so no problems there

    my guess its the contact......
  4. What is the configuration of the fans for your case? Are 2 pushing into, and 2 pulling air out?

    Otherwise I would guess improper mounting, either the clamp/screw tension isn't fully tightened, or there is a physical issue with your specific hardware.

    I am hoping to install a Frio on my Phenom II 965 in the next few months, in preparation for a Q1 2011 Bulldozer/6xxx build, have heard nothing but good things about it, so would like to know how your issues come out.
  5. kajan said:
    voltage running at 1.168

    abient temps seem normal, I have 4 140mm fans running max so no problems there

    my guess its the contact......

    Temps seem normal? What is could vary depending on where you live. Can you provide ambient temps? This might tell us how much difference of load vs idle vs ambient you are seeing.

    Also, simple test for case air-flow:

    Pull the side of your case, blow a big house fan on HIGH into the side of your case. If your temps go down, you have an air-flow issue in your case/with your fans. If the temps remain the same, you need to look at your cooler and how it is mounted.

    This test will point you in the right direction once you determine ambient room temps.
  6. ok so I tested with the house fan, and the temps did drop but only by 6- 10 degrees

    ambient: 25
    idle: 40-50
    full load for 30 mins: 80


    everything is at stock so far including the graphics card a 5770, idling at 50 and max temps being 70-80ish which is normal

    btw the fans on the cooler are at max
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