Advice on a flatscreen or Tft Monitor For Gaming

I want a good flatscreen and my budget is £250. I have been looking at the Dell Ultrashap 17 to 20inch.

Do you know of any better ones. I need to buy from the UK. I'm preferably looking for a digital monitor, because they have a better picture than analogue, I think.

Getting confuse with 16.7 million colours and 24 millions colour. It seems that the bigger screens have more colours. Is that right, or can you get smaller screens with loads of colours? Also, it seems that the bigger the screen the higher the refresh rate, or that's what it seems by looking at some specs.

Please recommend a really good one for my price range. Maybe press a little higher over the current budget.
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  1. I think you would be happy with something like this:,49690000,4294956336

    However, you should always shop locally for monitors. Shipping is usually expensive, and seeing before buying is key. Then there is the possibility of dead pixels and replacements.
  2. Nearly all LCDs panels are equally terrible for gaming.

    Or equally wonderful for gaming, depending on where you are coming from. I personally think LCD panels, (TFTs especially) are an eye sore for anything other than vivid, well-lit static images.

    You aren't going to find any 'gaming' 8-bit panels in your price range and 6-bit ones are bog awful for color reproduction if you actually give a care about such things. Color bands in sky boxes, gradients on explosions, over shoot and undershoot no matter how cleverly swept under the electronic rug it is. Black is no longer black and enjoy running every application at the panels native resolution, (whether it can or not!) or go get yourself another pair of eyeballs trying to focus through the upscaling artifacts. Also, they are very, very bright.

    I have two 6-bit gaming monitors, the Viewsonic VX922 and Samsung 226BW, the Samsung being WS. What hasn't been said about these workhorses already? Best value in an LCD panel probably ever and they still SUCK for real PC style gaming.

    I stick with a CRT for the real heavy lifting and use the multiple LCDs to impress people who don't know any better.

    In other words, get the cheapest panel with the best return policy, it just doesn't matter.

    edit: and don't forget about (mouse) input latency, something you have to consider if you are a snappy player and that varies wildly with LCD brands and models.
  3. I have an iiyama Vision Master Pro 450 that is dying and you have dashed my hopes.

    Thanks a lot. :lol:
  4. Try this brand if you can find it in your country but it has zero lag in games and is compared against Dell is called Lolair and has decent colors but is even most responsive that the mayority of the olds CRT...

    Have no lag beleive it mate, and enjoy if you can find 1 ... their website is in the article read it carefully.. personally i have a Viewsonic VX2025WM (is old i know) but is good for both watching movies and playing games ... and is a Premium MVA panel ...if you manage to get 1 i can tell you my setings if u want of course ... Goodbye and Goodbuy ..
    Regards from Lima, Peru...
  5. Mine has to die first. I love the CRT and it hurts to give it up.

    When it dies I will ask which is the best one... Or probably just lurk and find out anyway. :lol:

    Or, and I think it isn't popular, just search the forums.
  6. The biggest problem with LCD panels is that they're locked at a native Samsung 20" is native @ 1680 x 1050 and has a response of 2ms..meaning I need to run all games at that resolution to get the best gaming experience.
    All LCD monitors are 60hz refresh rate....unless you're lucky/rich enough to afford a 120hz screen!
    CRT screens are fully scalable from 640 x 480 through 1600 x 1400 depending on the size and manufacturer and the response time is near zero!
    But they weigh a ton!
    Anyway if you have to go LCD..get the lowest response time 5ms or less and make sure your GFX card and CPU are capable of running your games at the native resolution of the LCD panel!
    I run at 1680 x 1050 on a Samsung 206BW and I love it!
    Hope this helps you.
  7. Generally speaking fast response = low color on many lcd's

    As said above, Black may never be black again. most screens have a degree of back light bleed causing a almost dark purple color. It varies from screen to screen(even in the same series).

    Running the game with higher gamma offsets this but leaves blacks as dark grey.

    LED backlighting in a grid of LEDs can also offset this by turning off or down the light it dark areas.

    There are some screens with good black and color, but they have bad response times and sometimes even inverted ghosting(a black trail or afterglow on some objects).

    If games are the primary concern I would say get the lowest response time you can, but the color will suffer(to a varying degree). since you are just killing things, you may not notice it over the game.

    Native rez becomes less of a problem as video cards and cpus get faster :)

    The last downfall of most LCD's is low viewing angles, but this should not affect you since you are in front of it. There are higher viewing angle screens, but at a much higher price with worse response times.
  8. I persnally think the plasma screen should have come to pc forthe simple fact that it is the closest thing to crt speeds and scalability!
    in fact I'm actually supprised that there is no plasma panels for pcs....
    Hopefully when oleds become standard they can remedy some of the shortfalls of lcd panels but we'll have to wait and see on that
  9. The problem with plasma is packing the same resolution into a smaller screen.

    It would be very hard to pack 1080p into a 20 inch plasma, but an LCD has that option if you are willing to pay(hell, there are even 17 inch ones with that rez).

    I am not saying things have not improved, but I still think they are limited to high resolution on larger screens(with bigger pixels) for now.
  10. I know that my high-end CRT was ruining my eyes :)

    I missed the quality for a bit, but I liked the screen real estate of the LCD right off. Would I like to have the picture quality back again? Only if there's no eyestrain headaches involved.
  11. Thanks everybody. It's a hard choice between CRT and Flatscreen.
  12. Hey I'm looking at this, it looks quality, and a bit over budget, but I think I have fallen in love lol

    ViewSonic P227fB (Black) CRT Monitor
  13. Compare this to a CRT
    Free shipping too... GO LCDs!!!
  14. CRT's have better colour and that one I mentioed above as a 0 ms response time. Designers won't touch flatscreens because the colour is nowhere near as good at CRT.
  15. so the question is, why the hell are they even bothering with flat screens? They only benefit they have is space as far as I can see.
  16. response time myths .

    a game running 60 frames pr second is updating the pixels 60 times a second or once every 16.6 milliseconds

    If a monitor can refresh the pixels faster than that there is no lag .

    If your game is playing at 30 fps you will see no lag or ghosting with the monitor actually updates on 33milliseconds .

    In the past manufacturers lied like moneylenders to shrink refresh rates and they probably still do but any lcd monitor from a reputable brand rated 8 ms or less wont have any lag a normal human being can see.

    the contrast ratio figures are BS too . Typically they shine all the light from the thing through a small or tiny area of the screen inflating the maximum brightness and "improving" contrast figures . LCD blacks are never that black . Its no problem though since many lcd's have much better contrast ratios than crt anyway . Best to avoid the "dynamic contrast" ratio screens Awful to use and you will be turning it off pretty quickly anyway .

    Native resolution is fixed but so long as you have a gfx card that can handle the screen its not an issue .

    16.7 million colors is an 8 bit panel . Why do they make drivers that pump 32 bit color? Beats me .. even crt's cant do that . Avoid 16.2 million colour panels .
    Not important unless you are a gfx professional and need exact color matches between screen and printed material

    Samsung , sony , veiwsonic , asus and dell make great lcd's .
    Id buy local if I could so I could see a panel before I paid for it .
  17. Space, Style(who cares), lower power, cooler operating temperatures, yada yada yada. If they sold that screen here, i would get it :p
  18. I have heard a lot of Samsung products are faulty and bad quality.

    Also do you think that CRT's are not so good then?
  19. I suppose the human eye can only notice so much.
  20. seogoat said:
    CRT's have better colour and that one I mentioed above as a 0 ms response time. Designers won't touch flatscreens because the colour is nowhere near as good at CRT.

    theres an awful lot of gfx artists using Apples with lcd's .
  21. A good LCD DOES have great color, but slower response time. I am talking about very expensive ones. LCD's are also very sharp at there native rez, but if you do not use it they can be an eye sore.

    That said you have to decide whats more important to you. color or speed.

    With a good CRT you could have both.

    LCD's are all i can buy as such thats what i have.

    I did try a Sony and it was ****. great looking screen but bad banding in colors and dark colors just all became on shade of backish(this screen did make black by way of a screen filter[think of it like putting a big sun glass on the screen and cranking the light brightness up], but needed allot of power to get its image through and had bad color)

    I tried a cheap Acer. Bad in the dark, but the response was not half bad.

    Samsung 950b - Great screen. very good balance of speed and color. Dark colors tended to turn purple. With magic zone i setup a slightly higher gamma setting just for games.

    Samsung 245T - extremely good color / black, but strange(almost looks rough) to look at very close(leaning in as I tend to do). This screen is NOT recommended for games alone as it does inverse ghost(very much like this This is due to the kind of panel it uses and the overdrive system. I hardly see it anymore, but it is there and I wanted color(and 1920 x 1200 rez) so here I am.

    I sure hope they get this right in the future.
  22. seogoat said:
    Hey I'm looking at this, it looks quality, and a bit over budget, but I think I have fallen in love lol

    ViewSonic P227fB (Black) CRT Monitor

    If you can get that CRT, do so. I use a P815-4 that is currently 8 years old and replaced a 4 year old similar model that blew up one day.

    Last year, scanning the web, I saw another high end 21" Viewsonic CRT for sale and picked it up for less than what I paid for shipping for the original CRT! So now I have a spare quality CRT for when this CRT eventual craps out. Yes, I do use DVI to BNC connectors!

    My goal is to utterly ride out this first generation LCD/Plasma nonsense even if it takes 20 years, until the true successor to CRT technology makes its way to NewEgg (or Amazon).

    No elite gamer should use an LCD, why would you? Portability is the only rational answer.
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