Array is undetectable yet detected? HELP!

I am running a RAID 1 array with two samsung HDs. The system has been working beautifully. However, after what I thought was an uneventful upgrade of the CPU heatsink I went to restart and was greeted with a message stating my CMOS was set incorrectly. I believe during the MOBO removal the CMOS reset was triggered (My MOBO has a reset button).

The computer booted in default CMOS mode with the RAID turned off and instead in IDE mode. Windows 7 immediately noticed the new drive and went about intializing it.

I have gone back and restructured the array and erased the MBR.

Here's the interesting part.

The AMD RAID software recognizes the Array and a subsequent scan states all is healthy and functional. However, the BIOS DOES NOT DETECT the array. All that is detected is the Optical drive.

More interesting... A DVD Boot with Windows 7 detects the logical disk but declares it unallocated and thus won't allow the OS on it.

I have relocated the SATA ports the drives are on but no luck.

At this point I don't care about the drive data (I have a back up) but I don't know where to go next to troubleshoot why the BIOS refuses to see the array yet other software can see it???

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
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  1. There are a few steps to make sure you have covered if you reset the BIOS.
    Clearing the BIOS turns off the RAID feature, the RAID BIOS, and sets the drives back to standard dirve 0 and drive 1 configuration, not raided.
    1. Re-enable the RAID BIOS.
    2. Enter the RAID BIOS and re-establish the array. Do not format or change the stripe size, just make sure the 2 drives are set as a mirrored array exactly as before.
    3. Exit the RAID BIOS, enter the regular BIOS, and make sure the array is set the same as, bootable or storage, added to the boot order if set as bootable.

    Usually when you break an array accidentally by resetting the BIOS, if you don't mess with drives too much, you are fine, but you have to go back through the setup procedure and put everything back EXACTLY as it was before you cleared the BIOS.
  2. I think that is the problem for me. Before I realized the BIOS had turned off the RAID setting, the computer booted into windows. Windows saw the new drive and went about initializing it. The disk was then corrupted for replacement back into an array.

    The BIOS will recognize the drives if set to IDE but does not detect as RAID. Even though the RAID BIOS still detects, builds, and declares the array healthy.

    I became frustrated with the lack of detection so I thought (perhaps wrongly) that I would just wipe the drives and start over with clean empty HDs. I erased both disks, rebuilt the array, set the BIOS back to RAID and IT STILL ISN'T RECOGNIZED..... WTF. I don't understand what is going on.

    Is there some setting in BIOS that I have missed that is blocking detection? Something broken.... MOBO etc.

    The AMD RAID BIOS can see the disk array and declares it healthy.
    If I put the BIOS to IDE it sees both disks just fine
    Both disks check out healthy with HD eval software
    Both disks are now blank.
    The BIOS is current and reflashed in case it was corrupted
    I set the BIOS to RAID and "POOF" the disk disappears and it reads "none detected"

    Someone please help me wrap my head around this one. :fou: :pt1cable:
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