Questions about overclocking a video card.

I have some questions about overclocking a video card:

What are safe limits to overclock a video cards core and memory?
What are safe temperatures?
Is it better to overclock through the bios or Windows?
What is the best program to use?

Video Card: BFG 8800GT OC (625/1566/1800)
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  1. The best is Riva Tuner. Get the latest version. Just go up by 10's and if you start to see artifacting then shut off the game right away by Alt Tab and you can lower your settings. Remember to put your fan up to about 85 - 100 % to be safe. Your core is more flexible but your Memory will be a little more touchy. I had the EVGA 8800GT Superclocked and I got mine up to core 700 and mem I forgot. It was up by 50 though.
  2. I remember reading somewhere about finding the balance between core speed and memory speed. Is there a point where increasing one of the two speeds past the other speed stops helping?

    Also, what temperatures are too high?
  3. I just thought I'd share this interesting fact with you. It's a hot card. Straight from BFG tech support about the 8800GT OC:

    Normal Temperatures: 80-90C
    Maximum Temperatures: 140C

    "Under load that card can handle 140 Celsius before it becomes a problem."
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