AM3 Quiet Heatsink Fan and LED Case Fans

I'm looking for a new HSF for my Phenom X4 955, I don't intend on overclocking at all, maybe in the distant future, but definetly not anytime soon. I have the stock cooler, and from what CoreTemp says, it's running at about 45-47 *C..which i find kinda hot, but then again, im not sure at what degrees would a CPU be considered "Overheating". I also find it pretty loud, unless i use the program called EPU-4 that came with the motherboard, it can make the fan quiet, but the performance takes a *** when i use it :(

I tried checking around, but i found some of those heatsinks to be quite huge, and not sure if they would fit...

Mobo: Asus M4A77TD
Case: AZZA Orion 202

I hope you guys can suggest me something with those information, if you need more, i'll try to give it.
Some other information:

1- I want something quiet, without having to use the EPU Engine to make it quiet
2- I have AT MOST a 80$ budget, less would be prefered, I want a good cooler, but i dont want something overkill, i'm not into overclocking.
3- I heard some heatsinks requires you to remove the backpanel for the installation. I dont want one of those.

Also, about Thermal paste, I've always used stock coolers that came preinstalled with some, but i was wondering if aftermarkets did too, if not, does paste comes with the fan? Do i NEED some? How much would i need to apply on the plate, is it explained in the cooler manual or something?

About the case fans, there's two 120mm fans on the side, i want to have decent RED LED fans for those, and im wondering what are good quiet ones? And what's the best combo? 2x Intake, 2x Exhaust or 1x Each?

I'm Canadian, so i would prefer if links posted could be from websites that ships to Canada (, instead of their US counterparts, which sometimes doesnt have the piece on the CA website.
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  1. First thing is yes you can add a good cpu cooler up to 160mm tall.
    2. You'll have to lose one 120mm fan if you want a decent cpu cooler to fit you might fit a CM Hyper TX3 and still get away with two side fans.
    These are the only two coolers i know that are good and don't require backplates.

    Best to go with the TX-3
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