Can I add a hard drive to my hp pavilion dv7

Hello, I am running out of space on my 250Gig hard drive on my hp pavilion dv7-1135nr. I've seen a few posts stating that I can add a second hard drive, but the space for it looks to be filled with something else. If I can't add a second hard drive, I'd like to replace the current one with one that is at least 500 gig. Can I just buy any SATA drive, or are there different sizes and compatibility problems?
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  1. make sure it is a 2.5" drive
  2. I changed out my disk for a 500g SSD (Solid State Drive) and upgraded the ram from 4G TO 8G (DDR3), I salvaged the disk as an external data disk by installing it in a USB3 box. The improved performance is nothing short of remarkable.
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