New Video card $75 or under

i am looking for a video card to go with this board

it has this kind of pci
1 x PCI Express x16 Gen2.0 slot (Support Hybrid SLI)

i would like to spend no more than $60 but will go to $75
i will not be playing many games, i do play cod2, and cod4 but i dont plan on buying crisis and exspecting it to peroform with superb graphhics. im still using an old crt monitor.
so what would be a good card for me?
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  1. Between the two, the HD4670 is the better card. The other nice thing is the HD4670 doesn't require a PCIe power plug.
  2. HD 4670
  3. or maybe save a couple of more bucks for a 4830.
    That is, if your power supply unit can handle it.
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