1st time over clocking...

as mentioned above this is my first time o/c'ing
trying to get to 4Gig stable...
this is my setup...

phenom 2 955 be c2 revision
corsair h50 cpu cooler
gigabyte ma790gpt-ud3h F4g bios version (beta)
gskill ripjaws 8G 4x2 1333 9/9/9/24 2t

how i have my setup...

cpu multi 18.5x
cpu fsb 213MHz
NB multi 12x
NB freq 2562
HT multi 11x
HT freq 2348MHz
cpu clock 3950MHz

i've run prime95 it works fine on the small test i havent run it on full yet because ive noticed my voltages are reaching 1.6! and my ram is underclocked...
ive set up an alert in everest at 60C and it hits it within a few minutes! (all voltages are set on auto through bios)
i know i have to set them manually but not sure how to go about it... and/or what they should be at
i did read the o/c guide but it seemed like chinese (sorry)

is it a throttling issue?... are there better settings i should be aware of?
what do i do now?

any help would be apreciated... Thanks.
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    1.6 V is far too high for that type of overclock, I'm assuming you've set the voltages on auto.

    Try lowering to 1.5 V or so (absolute recommended maximum), but I'm not sure if you can reach 4.0 GHz that easily with an H50 on a C2 955.

    This guide explains everything well, and all the terms etc.

    If you're serious about a 4.0 GHz overclock you will need to learn how to do it properly, otherwise you could damage your CPU.
  2. ok im reading it but did notice at least 17 pages...

    thank you.
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