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Hey I changed the Drive letters on those C D drives, then my CD Rom doesnt reconize a disk in it. and my DVD reconizes the disk cd/rw and the name of it. ie Onnies disk 1
okay heres what gets me I have to burn files to disk, I get theres no writtable disk in drive?! when in face there is..
if I put in dvd it shows files but cant burn using dvd can you? i cant..
I have a Dell 2003 and the drives are top cd I thoght? and second DVD. is that how they are?
any way how can I get this straighnt out?
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  1. Why did you feel the need to change the drive letters?
    Shut down the pc, open the case unplug the power plug from your optical drives. Restart with them disconnected, shut down again and reconnect them. Windows should reassign the drive letters as required.
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