What's comparable to Crossfired 4850's?

I currently have two ATI 4850's in crossfire and was thinking about switching over to a single card for performance and stability.

Anyone know what a similar card would be? I don't really care if its on the ATI or Nvidia side, but i would prefer a slight upgrade rather than none at all

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  1. I thought Catalyst v9.2 was stable with HD4850 CrossFire.

    So you planning to avoid CrossFire and go to a single card?
    a) ATi HD4870 1GB
    b) nVidia GTX285, GTX260(216core).
  2. Yeah, i guess its stable but not all games implement crossfire as well as i'd like.
    Nvidia would be nice for PhysX support

    I think i'm leaning towards the 285 so far
  3. wanna sell me both cards for cheap then ^.^
  4. GTX285 would be best choice.
  5. I'd say wait. You have a good setup to last another 2 or 3 months, the 4890 should be released by then and we would see another price drop by that time (think it will be released early April).

    I'm not sure if the 4890 will beat the 285, but it will cost less (hear rumours about 200 dollar) and it should be better than the 4870. It will all depend on the performance and the final price.
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