GT 240 512MB DDR3 Overclock Limits?

I have a Galaxy GT 240 512Mb DD3 non-oc'ed reference card. I used MSI Afterburner to get my card to 690 core, 1681 shader, and 1020 mem stable at 1.050v and 6 hours of MSI Kombuster. I start to get artifacts if I OC the mem or shaders/core any more. What I want to know is, what is an average overclock for a GT240? MY core clock is overclocked 26%, the shader around 27%, and the memory 12%. How much of an overclock is that? Thanks.
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  1. How do you know what voltage you have?
    how many extra mV did you added on MSI Afterburner?

    I don't think I can reach those speeds, I will try though
  2. Oh, I did some Googleing and found out that most graphics cards have a default voltage of 1.050v. And I couldn't adjust the voltage on Afterburner, since the GT 240 has a maximum 75W intake from the motherboard.
  3. That's weird, I am using Afterburner and it works great.

    Do you see flickering on your screen?
    or no at all?

    I really want to use this card and use it around 650Mhz, but it produces flickering

    Right now I am overclocking like a baby, in increments of + 15Mhz, to see when exactly the flickering starts
  4. On some games like A.V.A. the card doesn't flicker at stated settings but in games like BFBC2 I start to get artifacts and flickering. BFBC2 becomes stable at around 650 core 1640 shader, and 975 mem.
  5. I am testing with windows
    in Windows, if I overclock to, let's say , 640Mhz Core, and 2200 Mhz memory, it will flicker

    even the Nvidia driver might crash

    TOday I've been testing the card, I am only overclocking the core and the shaders simultaneously

    current speed 595 Mhz, not a single flicker

    I hope I can least get to 626 Mhz
  6. Which driver are you using? I'm using the latest one, 258.sumthing
  7. 258.96

    So when do you see flickering?
    What is your max stable overclocking speed?

    Thanks for your response
  8. My max stable is listed in the first post. But I'm the one asking a question, can someone please answer?

    This guy had 562 Mhz on the core, 1900 Mhz on memory
    This guy has 825Mhz on the core, 2340 Mhz memory

    This other guy:
    This guy had 825Mhz, 2010 Mhz memory

    I have been using the computer all day, not testing, just using it, watching videos and stuff

    I currently have 610Mhz, and memory I think around 2100 Mhz is stable for me

    I don't think I'll be able to reach much higher
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