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I'm puzzled as to why every program I install, automatically goes to my C drive, even when I direct it to the D drive. This game - Bioshock - that installed didn't even give me the option to put it in my D drive. I installed anyway and tried to move it from the C drive to the D drive. The game didn't open, saying " can't find target". Is there a way to put all the programs I install on my D drive only. Space is limited on my system drive. That leads me to another issue. I'm going to move my page file that's taking up 6g on my C drive, to another drive. The drive i'm moving it to only has Windows on it. When I installed the drive, ALL the programs I have on my C drive and my D drive magically appears in this new drive I installed. Just to see what would happen, I uninstalled one of those programs and it took it off my other drives as well, which is not what I wanted to do. It would make me very happy to just have Windows and a couple of other programs on the C drive. Movies, games, music ect. on the Storage/D drive. My page file on the E drive. Is this possible and how? Please keep in mind i'm a novice, so dumb it down if you would. Thank You
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  1. did you choose express or standard install when installing bioshock? you have to choose custom and then direct the game to the new drive

    you cant just move a program from one drive to another without reinstalling usually
  2. I over looked the custom install on the game. I reinstalled on my D drive and it seems to have worked out the way I want. The game still shows up on my other drives though. As for the rest of my situation, not possible or no one knows how??
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