Need Help with my Next Drive...

Well, I guess my first question should be...

I have a 1TB and a 300Gb hard drive, the 300gb is only used for games, os, and applications, all of this if lost isn't a big deal.

So I have the 1TB for all my data, and a 1TB external that I just copy everything too once a month. I never bothered to use backup software or make images, I just know what to copy and what needs to be backed up.

The problem, is I'm running out of space. I was going to just get a WD Green 2TB and be set, but it looks like the failure rate on those is very high, and since that would be my data drive I'd rather not have that happen. So I don't really want to mess with it.

If i were to get another 1TB Black or a 1TB Blue (only 60 bucks now..), say I had 700~gbs of data on it and on my first Black drive (1.4TB all together), would my 1TB external be large enough for disk backups? I guess what I'm asking is if disk backups are the same size or are they compressed?

If not, are the Green drives that bad? It seems like the 1TBs are fine, but the 2TBs (even 2TB Black drives) have really high failure rates.
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  1. If need be, you can compress your backups onto your external drive with 7-zip or winrar. If you need more space, I would go with 1 TB hard drives because you are right, 2 TB drives aren't very reliable yet, and if you have a 32 bit system, you probably won't be able to utilize all of the space without partitioning the drive.
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