Latest Core i7 975 review Taiwanese player has revealed upcoming Core i7 975 and made a simple test recently.
Part package also be discovered. To our surprise, 975 changes into white package(sample)as Extreme edition. While formal products may adopts black package. Let’s have a look at Core i7 975’s performance.

Test platform:
M/B :DFI Lanparty UT X58-T3eH8
MEM :G.SKILL 6GSPS DDR3 2000 CL9 TRI Channel
POWER: Seventeam V Force series 850w
CPU:Black edition INTEL Core I7 975 Extreme
CPU COOLER:Thors Hammer thermal grease,JetArt Comdell NM diamond

All adopts default setting. Open turbo mode, 975 26X133=3459MHz,Vcore:1.04v

Make use of ORTHOS for full load test, Vcore:1.056V,CPU temperature is only 41℃.

there are detailed information about 975 and overclocking test , if you are interested in it ,please click
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  1. It is so amazing, Intel has done it again. Too think we can get this baby in a Laptop is amazing!! The best price is at :
  2. @zipzoomflyhigh,

    probably stock cooling, I remember an article saying they got one to 4.1ghz with a slight volt up and stock cooler.

    and ES's get past 5ghz so my guess would be someone is going to hit 6ghz sooner or later with one of these.l
  3. I think it may be better to use a i7 920 with a good refrigeration system and do some overclooking on it. You can get up to 4Ghz from a 920.

    But if you have a lot of money ...

  4. I like the idea of people buying i7 920 (2.66 stock) and over clocking to mid 3.s and low 4.s.
    People tend to forget that you are over clocking.. even though you can get the 920s to be the same speed if not faster then the stock 975, you are still over clocking... Take the 920 for example, stock speed 2.66 lets turn them into two different cars. 55mph for stock 2.66 is the set cruise speed. take the 975, 3.33 lets just say with out ratio or anything the set cruise speed on 975 is somewhere around 75-80mph. Sure the 920 can step on the gas and reach the speed of the 975 and maintain that speed. It can even step on the gas even more and pass the 975 in speed. It can reach a stable 100mph sure with the correct cooling why not... but we all know, both cars have different engine under the hood. Just remember with over clocking, its great fun and get the most out of the chip/engine, but it will also wear it down and burn it out faster.
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