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Im in the tough position of being without a laptop due to a dead MB. it gets even tougher when the store a brought it from goes bankrupt. But we're not done yet. When i visit a different repair shop they tell me they cant find a new MB for me.. tough stuff.

Now here i am trying to find the MB myself. As you can imagine, its not easy without a model number or a name. This is why im here.
The laptop goes under different names.
It is being sold as an
ASUS F3 Series F3T-AP042C NoteBook
And as an
MSI M677 Crystal Collection

Any suggestions on what motherboard might be in these bastards? :)

Kind regards.
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  1. Hmmmm... since you've nothing to lose... have you tried opening up the laptop and seeing what's printed on the boards?
  2. +1^ on TonCharr28, just use common sense, NOT force :)

    Also( but Im not 100% on that) i think SiSoft Sandra gives quite good info regarding mobo, you might give CPU-Z a shot as well. I never tried it on any OEM pc or laptop but Sandra Lite is free and so is CPU-Z so just download them ad try.
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