Confusion about fittings!

Hello there, fitting sizes confuses me alot.. Thread, ID, OD, barbs, compression. :??:
I'm currently trying to assemble a watercooling system consisting of 2x ATI 5970s and a i7 930, which is gonna be cooled by 2 loops in my Corsair 800D case.

I got everthing ready to be bought.. EXCEPT the fittings and tubing. I'm gonna go along with compression fittings with a 1/4" thread. I don't know what ID or OD would be best tubing and fitting wise. Can some pro please explain how it all works?
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  1. Bump.
  2. Generally you use 1/2" or 3/8" tubing. Since most threads are 1/4" (G1/4), you pretty much just need a bunch of compression fittings that are 1/2" barb, 1/4" thread. In my searching I found that 3/8" fittings were a bit less comon that 1/2", and having bigger tubing is going to be better anyway - less flow restriction/less pressure drop.
  3. I don't know if this is just numbers, or mathematics, I can't see it on the pictures. What is bigger 1/4" or 1/2"?
    Personally I would say the 1/2, but the pictures are deceiving.

    If i take Compression fittings with the size of 1/4 Thread and 1/2 tubing ID, what OD would be best?

    And is 1/2 ID really the best choice?

    Any knowledge, advice or questions are much appreciated.
    You can read about my build and idea in first post.
  4. OD won't matter much but the thicker the better. It'll be stiffer, but also able to withstand more pressure and wear.

    1/2" is twice the size of 1/4"... but if we're talking barbs, a 1/2" barb is 1/2" OD, while 1/2" tubing is 1/2" ID, that way they mate together.
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