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I have a Biostar TP45E mobo and a q9400 processor that i overclocked today. It was my first time overclocking and i guess i messed up and now i cant even get to bios. my motherboard has these led lights that say i have a memory error. my computer's fans and lights all turn on but the keyboard mouse and monitor do not. is this a ram problem or did i mess up more than that. i have tried resetting the cmos but still no bios or windows.
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  1. by the sound of it youve messed up your ram as if you over clock your cpu your ram
    bus and agp/pci express also increses so you may also of messed up your pcie
  2. If my pcie is messed up does that mean i have to get a new graphics card or mobo? and how do i check if it is messed up for sure? and should i test my ram on another computer
  3. test your ram in another pc first if it is fine then you've messed up your pcie and you need a new mobo and you may of also messed your graphics card
  4. if my graphics card's fan is still running when i turn on computer can it still be bad?
  5. yes just because the fan is firing up it could still be messed up
  6. I tested out the ram on another computer and it turned on and everything but it didn't boot correctly it would give an error message and give you options on which ways to boot up. So could this mean it's the ram?
  7. what is the error message and yes it may well be the ram now if you have any spare ram test it in the one you think is broke and test them one by one cause it could only be one module
  8. Hold the [Insert] key down while performing a cold (off for 30+ seconds) boot up..
  9. the error message is something on the lines of added hardware has cause the computer to start up improperly. something like that :P and the only thing i added was the ram so i assume it would be the problem
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