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hey guys, I'm having problems with this optical drive reading older cd's and burnt dvd's. I have BL0X firmware loaded on the drive. An example is my old Return to Castle Wolfenstein CD, it reads almost immediately on my Dell Dimension with an older IDE Pioneer drive in it, but I just built my new i5 PC with this drive, and it's not reading things very well. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Some optical drives read discs better than others. You can try using a few drops of water and a soft cloth to clean the disc.
  2. Yeah, but the ihas124 drive reads the wolfenstein cd as having nothing on it after about 10 seconds, execpt for desktop.ini, which is a hidden file.
  3. Try putting the older IDE drive into the new PC, and see if the new PC can read it then.
  4. I'm not gonna do that right now, it's 3 in the morning for me so I'm just gonna give up for tonight, I'll try some more tomorrow, thanks for the help.
  5. 3:30am here. :D

    Let me know how it goes.
  6. well looks like it's the morning for both of us... one quick slice more of info, the wolfenstein cd has a cdfs filesystem, it seems like win 7 has limited support for these, but the dell with the ide drive has the same exact version of win 7 loaded.
  7. ok, before i posted this problem, i flashed my drive firmware from bl0w to bl0x, it didnt seem to make any difference, except for that another different cdfs disk that i own now works. I have two cdfs disks besides the wolfenstein disk, and they both read crystal clear, one of them was the same as the wolfenstein disk thought, it would read on the ide drive but not my ihas124. After i flashed it, it seemed to work, but would get finnicky with AutoPlay, so i turned it off.
  8. You could try burning a new copy of the disk.
  9. how would i go about that? is there some way i can put it on a dvd?
  10. If it's being read on a different PC, just make a 1 to 1 copy/image of it. If you've got Nero, or something similar, that should work fine.
  11. yeah, but is there a tool/way of doing this? im not that smart when it comes to optical stuff. could i just copy and paste the files, or..?
  12. Copying and pasting files can work sometimes. However, there are occasionally hidden files. So it's best to just copy from the source (game CD), and burn a new disc.
  13. is there any function for this in nero
  14. Yes, Nero has a 'copy CD' function.
  15. didn't work, cd is copyrighted. this is why you should be able to backup the things you own. any other suggestions??
  16. If the other optical drive is reading the disc, I would try installing that optical drive in the new PC, and then installing the game.
  17. ok, ill try that i guess
  18. Well just installed the ide drive and of course it works perfectly, but running the installation for the game just reminded me, this disk has always had problems, it spits up an error 99% of the time at 93% or so of the installation. it says at first that an i/o error occured, and it asks to cancel install or try again. trying again gets you nowhere, and pressing cancel makes a popup show "Corrupt installion files". It has had this problem for a long time now that I remember. After about an hour of messing with it, I was usually able to get it to 100%. We'll see how it goes now. So theres nothing to fix all that, is there?
  19. Just replace the defective optical drive with a Pioneer model that meets your requirements, they are very cheap now.

    If you've tried to copy a disc in it (even just a read copy) which had copy protection on it then you've reduced the life of the drive significantly. This is probably why the drive is having trouble with some discs.

    That and age, Pioneer DVD drives are known for their reliability. (Much like Sony CD drives, at least for awhile...).
  20. No, you don't understand, it works now, and it's turned into a disk problem, not a drive problem. The disk has major problems.
  21. It sounds like the disc is scratched or smudged to the point where the drives are having a hard time reading it. Some drives do read discs better than others, but there is no miracle cure. You can try to use a few drops of water and a soft cloth to clean the disc. I've actually had the worst luck with pioneer drives. I've got a LG SecureDisc that reads better than any of my other drives.
  22. Well, there's so many claims of different companies out there, I think I'll just stay with this burner if it isn't broken. The disk reads fine on the ide drive, but doesnt seem to want to install on my win 7 system with the lite on drive in it. It goes through the entire install and then when it gets to the part to load the bar to 93 % and stop, it never loads the bar.
  23. Which tells me there is a scratch or smudge on that part of the disc. When it tries to read that information, it can't, and fails. You can slap the IDE drive into your windows 7 system, install the game, and then put your LiteOn drive back in it. If that helps?
  24. no i already tried that i meant, sorry if im not making much sense here. It still doesn't work in the SATA drive. I have the ide drive installed, tried with and without compatability mode with the install, because the game supports Win 95 all the way to Win XP. setup went all the way through to the setup bar then says i/o error.
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