VIsta Install Problem????

hey every one umm i had a problem before were screen was black but i fixed that

but now i have a problem were im installing vista home premium 32bit and

when i get to the installation part i make 1 paration a 931.5gb... (1tb H.D.D)

then vista says copying installation files then

goes to expanding files

it sticks at 0% and then i get a error

"Cannot Install Required files please locate these files and restart installation" error code 0x8007045D

i installed the raid drivers from my mother board cd.. but didnt help


>Mother Board< GA-MA78GM-US2H rev 1.0
>CPU/Processor< AMD Athlon 2x 7750 2.8 ghz
>Hard Disk Drive< Seagate 1TB 32MB SATA HD st310005n1a1as S/N 9TE1E15C

The computer is newly constructed and the hardrive is brand new

soo plz help ^_^?
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  1. its a clean vista install

    and i cheacked it is..

    well i did google it and couldent find a solve so i decided to ask the pros
  2. From a C prompt, do a thorough format of the target drive.
  3. Hi

    Check the installation DVD for CRC errors (Cyclic redundancy check). You can use an app like CDCheck. DVDInfo, etc;
  4. I just recently get the same error message also when trying to install Windows 2008 Server on a Dell PowerEdge Server.

    If you are getting an error during boot up: ”Battery/Memory problem were detected. The adapter has recovered, but cached data was lost. Press any key to continue.”

    Checked the SCSI Riser Controller and try to replace the following:
    1) Memory on the Controller
    2) Battery
    3) Controller Board

    My issue was a bad Memory on the Controller and now I am able to install the OS with no problem.

    Good luck..
  5. win 7. thats all.
  6. here's a head scratcher for you guys on this same issue, " Error Code: 0x8007045D".

    1. hardware is 11 month old Dell Studio 1535, 4 gig ram, 120 gig HD, bluray (not that it matters).

    2. installation of Vista WILL occur at about 70% complete doing clean install.

    3. Media is not the issue. This occurs with the OEM Vista Home Edition SP1 disk, a retail disk of Vista Ultimate, my MSDN copy of Vista and a known-good copy of Win 7 RC0.

    4. Its not acting like a hardware failure issue, because Ubuntu 9.0.4 installs and runs like a champ. I did a clean install of this OS and it works just fine. Same with FreeBSD. Both OS's install as expected and can partition the disk as needed.

    5. Becasue I've wiped the disk partitions by installing/testing other OS's, there is no BootMGR to repair, so repair disks won't work.

    6. I also ran the Dell Memory Diagnostics disk and all tests run without errors.

    7. I've switched the disk modes back and forth in the BIOS to see if that might be the issue. its not.

    I know this is quite a puzzler. The error codes (from the SMART hardware) may reveal something, I just haven't gone to the trouble of looking them up yet.

    I'm probablly going to end up with a fun service call escalation/warranty replacement for the HD/MB for this one but I thought I'd give it a shot.
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