Overclocking FSB past ram Frequency?

Basically right now I am running a Q6600 at 3.0 ghz on a locked acer G33 motherboard by using a tape mod.
ive found out the PLL and can now use set FSB to go even higher

If I can get my fsb higher than the current 333mhz will that cause my ram to overclock itself since it is only DDR2-667 (333mhz) ram. Right now it is in a 1:1 ratio with the 333mhz fsb but if i bring the fsb higher will it change the ratio or will the ram try to overclock it self - and is that dangerous?

ive also found a way to add voltage through a different mod so that I could support the higher clocks.
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  1. also my mobo says FSB-1333 on it, does that mean it would also be overclocked if i set the bus speed higher than 333? since as I understand the mobo FSB is calculated by multiplying the FSB by 4.

    would this be dangerous as well?
  2. i think i have found the answer.... unfortunately i think I would need a motherboard supporting 1600mhz fsb and ram of at least 800 mhz to be able to overclock my cpu above an FSB of 333mhz right?
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