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I have just added 2x4gb more memory in the correct slots (as described by hp/manufacurer) and on start-up a bios or dos page popped up saying it had detected the correct amount. Once in windows its not detected ( well both computer properties and task manager list an extra 1.5gb (not 8gb)Both old and new memory are ddr2 dimm fb ecc - same speed 667Mhz. Any ideas on how to configure - I cant even find mention of RAM or memory on any start-up screens such as pressing f8 f9 on start-up. Thanks a bunch
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  1. A 32-bit system will only detect 3.5 gigs of RAM. You need a 64 bit copy of windows to utilize more.
  2. thankyou your holines. You are, of course, immaculately correct and illuminating.

    Thankyou for your gracious assistance. I will proceed as advised.

    (this isnt sarcastic by the way, I really talk like this innit, cheers!)
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