First Time Overclocking CPU and RAM

It has been about a week since I got my CPU cooler and started fooling around with overclocking my RAM and CPU for the first time. I think I have gotten it to where I want it but I just wanted to check to see what everyone thought of it here. I feel that the temps are higher then they should be and the voltage for the CPU is higher then it should be for it running at what I got it to (Read somewhere that others had gotten it to 4.2Ghz and been at 1.35V, but was able to run it at 1.25V at 4.0Ghz).

These are the components/information that I think is needed, if something else is needed then merely ask :)

Case: Cooler Master HAF 932
CPU: Intel Core i7 930 2.8Ghz
CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-U12P
RAM: G-Skill DDR3-1600 PC3-12800 2G x 3, posted timings being 7-8-7-24 at 1.5V
RAM Cooler: One made by G-Skill (Don't think there is more then one heh)

After playing around with them for awhile, I finally ended up getting them to:
CPU: Running at 4.0Ghz (190 x 21)[Non-Turbo] at 1.30625V
RAM: Running at 1900Mhz at timings of 7-9-7-24 at 1.64V

I recorded the temps and didn't really know what to go off of. Pretty sure it is the higher core temp but I don't know for sure.
Idle Temp for CPU on BIOS: 37 36 36 32
Idle Temp for CPU on Windows is: 41 41 41 38
Temp on Prime95: 75 75 72 69
Temp on LinX: 79 81 77 75

Hopefully everything seems alright. The temps for Prime95 was recorded after running over night and the one for LinX after running 20 cycles, those are all the max ones as well just incase someone asks.

If everything does seem alright, does anyone have any suggestions? I thought maybe turning Turbo Boost on and setting the speed to 3.8Ghz might be better but then it would still need the same voltage to be stable.
I can't get any lower on the timings with the RAM and 1900Mhz is the higher it goes until it becomes unstable. I heard that sometimes it can be better to go with lower timings and lower speed over higher timings and higher speeds but I tried the lower timings and lower speed and always got lower scores on the brenchmarks I ran.

Random side question I just thought about, but would it be better to replace the two big fans on the side and top of the HAF 932 with 4 smaller ones on the side and 2 smaller ones on the top? Or will it make a big difference?

Sorry for all the small questions here and there, but just figured might as well post as much information/questions as I can right off the bat :)
Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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  1. Idle temps seem a little high. What's ambient temp? Load temps are on the edge of what I regard as OK.

    All CPU's are different. Some need more voltage than others.

    You have a case with excellent cooling. Leave the fans alone.
  2. Ambient temp is around 21-23 C. I will say that I had trouble with putting the thermal compound on. It was the Shin-Etsu X23-7783D one, and it seemed like it was a really thick one compared to what I had seen videos of online with others. I tried to apply it with a plastic glove since that seemed to give the best results, but the stuff would just stick to my finger as I went to put it on so I ended up just better some down and putting the heatsink on it. I checked if it went on even and it seemed fine to me but that could be the reason.

    Ok, that makes me feel better on that. I thought something was wrong since I was going a bit over the voltage that I was seeing others say was what they got.

    The only reason I was really wondering about the fans is because I have a 5970 video card in there and it looks as if more then half of the side fan is blowing the air under that card. Just thought having 4 small ones would make it so there would be two fans that would get above that card and the other two below it. I was also thinking of trying to put one or two in the drive spots since it seems I could make ones fit there and I won't be using the slots anytime soon. Figure that would make it so there are fans blowing in air directly onto the RAM and CPU. Haven't seen anyone do this with the HAF 932 but I thought it could help.
  3. What is your VTT/IMC voltage. That is equally important to CPU OCing as Vcore, and also affects CPU temps.

    Like jsc said tho, the temps are ok. Do you have EIST, C1E, CStates on? Those can lower idle temps a fair bit. My i5 750 at 200x20 is running at close to 40C idle but load temps are a few degrees lower, and my ambient is generally a couple degrees warmer so overall I'm around 5-8C lower, but then I don't have Hyperthreading. Taking that into accound, I think the temps are good although you might want to try reapplying the heat sink again since you had some trouble.

    IMO if you do, simply put a blob or line on the CPU and let the heatsink spread it out with pressure. Just be careful to set it down level, and screw it in equally on all screws so that it doesn't squish one side harder than another and force the TIM out.

    As for case fans, I doubt you really need more. If anything add a shroud. I cut a large plastic beer cup and made a 1/2 shroud on my side fan, so that it directs the air right onto both my card heat sinks. Wasn't too tough and you can't even see it since it's on the backside.
  4. Sorry for the delay in replying, typed that up as I was leaving for work heh. Anyways, I went ahead and just got all the information that I thought would be needed from the BIOS and will just post it here. (Tried to put more space inbetween each thing but it doesn't seem to allow it on these forums)

    Load-Line Calibration Standard
    CPU Vcore 1.21875V (Normal) 1.30625V (Current)
    QPI/Vtt Voltage 1.175V (Normal) Auto(Current)

    Turbo Boost Disabled
    Multi-Threading Enabled
    CPU Enhanced Halt Enabled
    C3/C6/C7 State Support Disabled
    Thermal Monitor Enabled
    CPU EIST Function Enabled
    Bi-Directional PROCHOT Enabled

    QPI Clock Ration Auto
    QPI Link Speed 6.84Ghz

    Uncore Clock Ratio Auto
    Uncore Frequency 3800Mhz

    PCI Express Frequency Auto

    CPU Clock Drive 800mV
    PCI Express Clock Drive 900mV

    I added some other stuff in there other then the voltages just to see if everything looks like it is set up correctly.
    Also, I put the PCI stuff down because I was wondering if I should have them set to something else or does it really matter unless I overclock my video card?
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