HIS HD radeon 4850 IceQ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

hi there guys i keep on getting this error msg (display driver atikmdag) on my new build when vista has loaded up and i start using windows media player.. not too sure if it happens with any other program... only just finished working out other issues then this comes along... please can anyone advise me on what i can do..
thanks in advance..
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  1. I take it you have the current 9.2 drivers from ATI installed?
    Also look here;

  2. i have tried those options previously.. nothin seemed to work? could it be my PSU is not powerful enough? Earthworks 430Watts... i was previously told that this would be sufficient for my build...
  3. upgraded the PSU to 650Watts.. but still no luck so ive ruled that out... anyone have a clue whats going on with my system?
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