Can i use a 4850 for capturing video from a Sony HDR-FX7?

I am building a new system to replace the old one i used for video capture. In the old system had a dedicated pci board from Pinnacle with a blue box for IN/OUT sound and video.

My new system:
Cpu: Q9450,
MB: Asus striker II Extreme
Ram:4x2Gb Zepelin DDR2 800
Hdd:2x640 Seagate 32mb cache raid
Psu: Corsair 1000w
Video: 9800Gx2 if i cannot use the AVIVO from 4850 to capture the video

Now, the old pinnacle card cannot work on win 64 and i want to capture de video from the camera using the Avivo interface of the video card and Pinnacle studio 9. Is this possible?
Since the camera records in HD, i read somewhere i can import the video from it using the mini DV port and a firewire port on the mainboard.
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  1. unless you are capturing using analog sources, then you will not need a video capture card. Depending on your camera, you should be able to transfer the video off of your camera using USB or Firewire. This is preferable over a capture card since you don't lose any video quality in the digital transfer.
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