How would I overclock my Q9550 @ 2.83Ghz stock clock if my bios wont let me? Is there a program I can use from my desktop that would let me OC RAM, CPU and GPU on the fly for intel based systems?

850w psu
radeon 5770
8gb ddr2 1066mhz
msi p45 platinum mobo crossfirex edition
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  1. Your PC does not look to be OEM especially with that overkill of a PSU. Why do you think you can't OC, I can't imagine anyone buying a P45 board if it didn't have OC features.

    There are some generic programs however they are dodgy, maybe MSI has one which will work with your board, so you could look.

    I still don't believe the BIOS doesn't feature OCing especially considering that it is a high end Crossfire model.
  2. The mobo does support OC'n but I cant figure out how to unlock it so I can OC, I mean I can OC my ram but the CPU OC is locked
  3. I'm pretty sure there is a thing that you can change to allow FSB changing. If you have a motherboard manual look it up or just look for it in the BIOS.
  4. I am still new to overclocking, but if you have a good aftermarket CPU cooler (HSF) and have downloaded some system monitoring software and stability tests, you are ready to get started. I wouldn't bother with OS or windows based overclocking software, read your manual and use BIOS.

    I have a pretty average Q9550, if your multiplier is set to 8.5 then it is at the maximum value. The only way to overclock is to increase your FSB Freq or b clock (stock is 333 mhz). The current overclock I am working on is 8.5x460=3.91 Ghz. and I have increased my CPU vcore to 1.35. As you increase your FSB speed, you will have to decrease your RAM speed to run around it's stock speed. On my Gigabyte motherboard it is "MCH frequency latch".

    The maximum temp for the Q9550 is 71.6c, (I use 65c as my limit) and the max CPU vcore voltage is 1.3625 volts.

    If you are using a stock CPU cooler, you will top out in CPU temperature at about 3.4 ghz, with a good cooler, I am at 3.91, and still fiddling.
  5. I use the Coolermaster HAF 932 case with 3x 230mm fans and the Coolermaster V8 Cpu Cooler with 1x 120mm fan and the 140mm on the case is replaced with a Coolmax 120mm running on full @ 2500rpm 120cfm
  6. Try Clockgen or CrystalCPUID =)
  7. ^ I don't see how that is very relevant considering that the board supports OCing. The OP just doesn't know how to enable it.

    Have you figured out how to enable OCing? Because now your talking about your case and HSF which is not really the main topic. Also you ignored my post, so did you get it working?

    As Henry said you change the FSB not the multiplier. Maybe thats your problem, or did you already figure that.

    It doesn't sound to me like you've read any OCing guides. I would strongly advise it before trying to OC (sorry if you have researched it thoroughly).
  8. Just for fun here is a shot of my system with a new cooler. I replaced a AC Freezer 7 Pro rev 1 with a CM Hyper 212+. I am very happy with it and it allowed me to get another 300 mhz out of my Q9550. Now running at 3.91 Ghz 24/7, nice and cool.


    If you are using the CM V8, you shouldn't have a problem.

    (those are 2 XFX HD5770s, and 8GB DDR2 800 OCZ Blade RAM @920 mhz 2.2 volts, we have very similar systems)
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