Usb Flash drive not recognized!


I have a flash drive that is not recognize by my pc
(windows sp3) but when i reboot with the flash drive connected it shows up.Anybody has a fix for this problem?
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  1. I so this problem more than ones on old main bard's using front usb or hub. What rig you got mate? If it an old one, try powered hub.
  2. im using a Sahara laptop.Any flash drive is not recognized unless it's connected when booting up.The flash drive works fine on other pc's.I get a pop up stating flash drive is not recognized.....etc.The flash drive light comes on when connected though.
  3. Well that didnt help much mate :), but like i said before...your USB is likely low on juice...try power USB HUB. Good chance it will work...How old your laptop?
  4. My laptop is 4 years old.The flash drive wirks fine on other pc's though.
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