Computer won't boot up with new hard drive


My computer had a 40GB Hard drive and Windows XP that was almost full so tried to install a 80GB as a slave drive. The 80GB was recycled from a different computer. It was previously the master and it had Windows Vista. I replaced the single IDE cable with a dual IDE cable, from the same computer the 80GB was recycled from and now the computer won't boot up. I tried putting the old cable back in and disconnecting the 80GB and the old 40GB won't boot now either. HELP!
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  1. When you set the 80gb as a slave, did you change any jumpers on the 40?

    Is the 40GB spinning up at all? Does it show in BIOS?

    Do you have a boot disk / win xp cd or something that you can boot from & see if the partition is still there?
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