Overclocking NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT Lpatop Video Card

i want to do the overclocking for my laptop video card NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT, if possible! or upgrade it to something better, any ideas or sujections? thnx!..
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  1. I can't believe how many people still want to overclock their laptop.

    DONT DO IT! ¬_¬

    GPU's run hot anyway, let alone the chips inside a laptop. If you overclock it enough to see a performance gain within games - you'll melt that laptop right onto your legs.

    It'd get too hot and kill your laptop in a few months.

    Leave it how it is, or buy a new laptop.
  2. I have a laptop with the same card. I overclocked it fine, it's just that you need a cooling pad that is able to tilt your laptop, hell even a textbook will do fine for airflow below the laptop. Doesn't go above 72C.

    But to overclock it you'd need to use Riva Tuner.

    Here's a link http://www.hphdx.net/Forum/tabid/55/forumid/8/threadid/432/scope/posts/Default.aspx
  3. Clock speeds?
    And 72C is a good bit higher than I'd ever want to see it get.
  4. ...

    Go oc it. when it melts, don't come to us. a

    nd no you cant upgrade it. if that even happens, it will be costy ***.

    Get a proper pc.
  5. Fetal and Acer are right. OCing laptop hardware is probably a very and is a very bad idea. Airflow make temps get to high because the airflow in a laptop is just insufficient to keep the GPU and CPU cool. If you want to OC so much. As Fetal said, just get a PC. Even at 650 for the whole comp you could include a GTX 460 or a 5770 have fun OCing that.
  6. Thanks for the help everyone! I think i might stay the way i am for now, no OCing for me at the moment, and yes i will consider that as a plan, i'll sell my laptop and get a new one, thanks again!
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