REM Core i7

Chassis - Tuniq 3
PSU - Thermaltake 750w modular
Mobo - Asus P6t
Cpu - Core i7 920
Cooling - aftermarket heatsink and fans
Memory - 6gb of g.skill 1600 ddr3
Video Cards- 2x 4850's
hdd- WD 320gb
Dvd drive - Samsung 22x dvd burner with lightscribe
Free Overclocking and a 3 year limited warranty

All For about 1800 bucks. Any opinions or thoughts ?

They also have a $99 custom automotive finish for any single color. Has anyone had an automotive finish on their pc before? How does it hold up ?

Thanks a bunch.
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  1. Let me newegg the parts and get back to you
  2. Got all that for 1250 on newegg
  3. Probably not a good buy then...Newegg it yourself and see...Didn't put cooler in there but you can get one for 70 or less if you want. Look at the V-8. Trust me friend you can do better for 1800
  4. If you want a site to build it for you because you don't want to have to do it yourself, look at or Both those sites will build for you for fairly cheap, but it may take a few weeks weeks before you get it, whereas if you bought the parts yourself and built it you could have your computer in 5 days or less.
  5. Yes. That is exactly my point. Don't be afraid to build yourself either. It's easy. Everyone here can give you pointers.
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