Upgrading my pc e6400 intel D946GZIS

Hi everybody, i'm trying to upgrade my pc and i need some info or opinions about these components and the compatibility between them

What i've got-------------------------------What i'll change

Intel core 2 duo E6400 ---------------------- Nothing

Intel D946GZIS------------------------------ Nothing

1 Markvision ddr2 667Mhz 1024MB------------ 2 Kingston ddr2 667 Mhz 2048MB

Video Card:
Ati hd 2600 pro ----------------------------- Zogis 9800 gt 1GB or ati hd 4650

Power Supply:
not sure but its a 350W---------------------- Give me any idea please

If you think i'm wasting the gpu power cause of another component tell me, and it's a corsair memory faster than a kingston?


P.D. I almost forgot, i'll be using on a monitor that suports up to 1280x1024 so if you have any ideas for that resolution and for running games at high settings with those specs ill be glad to hear them.
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  1. Based on your current system. The order of upgrade, I'd do:

    1. Quality PSU - go with a 650W or higher Cosair, PC P&C, Antec EA series. This PSU will last a bit longer and might last 2-3 video card upgrades. Even if you move on to i7 or i5 the PSU would work fine with those systems.

    2. Video Card - I'd go with the HD4770, HD4830 or for Nvidia the 9800GT

    3. Add +2gig DDR2 - This is tricky because you want to spend money wisely depending on what next motherboard+CPU you want to use. If your sticking with socket 775 then maybe getting 4gig of 800 - 1066mhz ram might make more sense. If you're considering i7 or i5, then getting 2 gigs of DDR2 667mhz ram is the better choice.
  2. Memory:
    The different brands of memory don't make them faster or slower.
    It's the speed (667 Mhz) that makes a difference.
    Also if your motherboard can take faster memory like 800Mhz or better I would go that route cause the price will be about the same.
    Also memory speed is based on "CAS Latency" OR "CL". When you see the numbers like this 6-6-8-12. You don't really need to pay much attention to all of those numbers just the first one. That one is the CAS Latency. Also, I would up the amount to 4 GB (if your motherboard is capable).

    Power Supply:
    Personally I like power supplies that use the single rail design. One of the best power supply companies out there is "PC Power and Cooling". I just bought a 610 watt power supply from them that will have enough power for me to upgrade to just about anything. It's important to have plenty of amps available that is why I like "PC Power and Cooling".
  3. "Well you gonna bottleneck pretty much any video card upgrade unless you overclock that processor." -zipzoomflyhigh

    -I agree, if I was you I would get an E8500 or E8400.. those would be able to keep up with a high end video card.
  4. thanks guys, you know i'm thinking to use the parts to later upgrade the mainboard and the procesor, maybe i'll be using a i7 processor, so if you give me sugestions thinking about this would be nice, and about overclocking the processor i'm gonna try it,

    edit: and i dont think my MoBo supports 800Mhz ram.
  5. Memory you buy now for your motherboard will not work for an i7 setup. That is why you should think about what you plan on upgrading in the future.

    If you choose i7 or i5, then get cheap DDR2 667mhz ram for now.

    If you are considering socket 775, then getting DDR2 800 or 1066mhz ram will work, because you can reuse the ram.

    800 or 1066mhz ram is backwards compatible, to run as 667mhz ram.
  6. Hey guys its a good idea to overclock my processor but do you think its posible to reach the performance of a e8400? and how would i do that?
    Remember that my MoBo is an intel D946GZIS and i'm using the stock cooler

    From what i've been reading its posible to oc to 3.2 Ghz but whit a 800Mhz ram, so i'm not sure what to do right now since my MoBo supports only 667Mhz, and from what i read it can take up to 2.4 - 2.6 Ghz

    Thanks in advance, you know i'm learning a lot from you guys
  7. p35 mobo..
    e7400.. (bang for your benjamins)

    a 500watt psu.. (a good 500watt psu will cost you about $70):D
  8. Ok thanks everybody, you know i'm gonna try to oc my pc but first i'll get some extra ram, i'll be buying a 800 mhz ram or a 667 not sure, then i'll be trying to oc, it's a personal objective right now jeje

    from what i've heard its possible to use clockgen to oc without using the mainboard bios, if i manage to do that i'll be publishing my results, any way you guys wait a while till i get the needed ram and psu, and also i must learn some basics about oc, cause i dont want to mess my pc.

    if you have any suggestions (or cautions) remeber that they are welcome.
  9. i'm using speedfan to test my cpu and i found something interesting, my cpu at idle runs at 57ºC or 60ºC, so its too hot right now and with stock config, so i stressed it and went to high in a minute (80ºC), not sure if its an anormal temp or a missreading.

    Any idea whats happening?
  10. Yes, i read an article about that and make some modifications to my case and clean some of my components and temperature got around 40º-45º at idle, its still to hot, i'm going to try and use some termal paste (not sure if thats the name) to reduce the temperature.

    I see that you have an E6300 O/C, can you tell me what temp readings you get? (at idle and full load)

    my readings are:

    at idle full load
    core temp 40º over 70º
    tat 45º over 75º
    speed fan 46º over 75º
  11. ok, what tool do you use to stress the cpu, cause i'm using occt and the tat option to workload 100% and get temps around 70º, also i presume i can use some termal paste because i added another fan and made some experiments to see if i can get a better temp but i doesnt work, i think the termal paste that i'm using is not a heat-translator, so thats why the stock fan its not cooling it properly.
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