USBand HDD device not recognized PROBLEM

Hi, today I went to reinstall my firends computer, its alittle old one, anyhow After reinstalling windows I started to install smaller aplications, I had a 8GB USB flash memory with me with MS office instalation in it, that I had brought from my computer the same day. I pluged it in and it said - "device not recognized", then I tried to connect my external HDD with USB, it didnt respond anyhow... I reinstalled motherboards drivers form official web-site but nothng helped... Altho the USB mouse connected worked fine... So it was getting late and I left it there.. everything was running ok except for the USB flas and external HDD
So I went home and when I plugged in my USB it said the same thing - "device not recognized" the flash drive worked fine before, also when I connected my external HDD it didnt respon eather... Both devices worked fine before I went reinstall my friends PC now the wont work not on my home PC ore laptop.. Im really scared, what can I do ? What have happened ?
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  1. Try re-installing the chipset, as it sounds like it could be an issue with the USB controllers. Re-installing the chipset helps to jump start the USB controllers. Give that a shot. If it doesn't work, report back to us.
  2. You mean, I also have to reinstall the chipset drivers on my home maschine where everything worked before ? My other USB works on my home pc just the one whitch I brought home from friends pc doesnt work anymore and also the HDD ??
  3. It seems that the USB device and external HDD has corrupted ore something because they aren't working on any system now.. as I plug in they show up as not recognized. On different pc`s and operating systems. Cant update driver, cant find it in my computer ore disk management... cant access them in any way... what can I do ?
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